Glad you stopped by!  Thank you for spending time here. I really do appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to check out my blog! Thanks!

I will always appreciate your feedback to the blog. If you have any comments or suggestions I welcome them and would love to hear them. Not that all criticism is positive but I believe honest criticism given in an honest positive manner is how we learn and grow when we’re open to receiving it. So I do welcome your suggestions for the blog.

I want to blog about more than just my uneventful life because life is so much more than that. I want to touch on everything because I think our lives are more than the good and bad things that happen to and around us. I believe a happy life begins with gratitude, love and positive thinking, which encompasses the heart, mind and soul.  So this blog is will be as much devoted to those parts of our lives, personal, heart, etc.. as well as my day-to-day seemingly crazy but rather boring life.

🤞🏾I promise to be honest about me and my life, what I have experienced and who I am.

ALERT!!! This blog will always be changing because I am.  You are changing.  The world is changing.  So don’t get too comfortable. I’m spontaneous so I like to throw in a surprise from time to time.

Thanks for following me!