Blood, Sweat & Tears

He was smart. He was outspoken and he did not give up. Dr. Charles Drew was a highly intelligent man. It was him who stood against the US Army when they segregated the blood of both black and white donors. It was also him that came up with the collection and processing of blood plasma which ultimately saved the lives of many in the war.

Dr. Drew could have easily been accepting of the policy and returned to his research or the next great advancement in his research, but he took a stance for what was right. This man did awesome work and made great contributions to the world of healthcare and science.

Perform well and segregation will disappear.

Dr. Charles R. Drew

Reach For The Stars…She Became One

Dr. Mae Jemison has without a doubt has inspired many young African American children ideas and dreams of exploring space. Hopefully through STEM learning more people of color are afforded the opportunity to travel to space, motivating more and more of our youth to assist with advancements in technology, science and math. Afterall, they are our future!