Oceanside Olivia

The kids haven’t been to the beach nearly as much as I have been this year. A lot has happened (and keeps happening) that pushes me to the beach often just to clear my head.

As I sat here, I watched people come and go. Couples playing volleyball. Owners playing fetch with their dogs. Kids chasing each other into the ocean. Kids building sand castles. Young adults recording tik tok videos and dancing to music. And there was me. The chick organizing her email inbox on her laptop in a cabaña. LOL. (Let’s hope I remember how to fold this crazy thing up smh.)

My kids filled my unused picnic basket with beach toys. What’s their plan? They want to build a city and then record Godzilla destroying it. Then they want to post it on YouTube to see how many likes it gets. Their goal is to be YouTube sensations…that’s so cute. Already striving to be great. I encourage so you know, I put my laptop down to produce this epic Godzilla episode for YouTube lol.

The older lady next to me came over to chat. Oddly enough, we had the same cabaña…and would you know, she wanted to know if I knew how to fold mine up LOL. Ma’am, I am going to struggle but I have YouTube handy if I get stuck. We talk a little more about where we are visiting from, her dog and the makeshift shade chair she created. She was pretty nice. It never fails though that if I come to the beach no matter how “alone” I try to stay, someone breaks my barrier and introduces themselves and let me in on a little secret that they have or a problem they’ve recently encountered. Today, the lady was lonely. It was just her and her dog. She reminded me of myself, so i respectfully (saved my draft of course) closed my laptop to converse with her. She had a nice aura about her so I felt ok.

I raced my son to the water. My daughter, who swims like a fish, is terrified of the ocean water. She splashed me with water without warning and then realized her Mother is truly the biggest kid. She ran back to the cabaña. Then my son and I raced back. I don’t know why these kids think their Mother is inactive lol. Whenever I run they act so surprised. Hello kids, once upon a time your Mother was in the US Army and she had to run. And she played sports…softball, cheerleading, thought I could play football…I’m super fast…ok not super fast but I can hang with the best of them when my asthma allows lol.

We pack up to head home. I see Fur Son on the camera sad and whining. He wants me to cook him chicken and rice and let him roll around pooting in my bedroom.

Outside of paying to having the littlest ones’ screen replaced on his iPhone, we’ve had a really decent day. I got some much needed sun and my beach fix. And the kids got their road trip wish and beach day as promised. This was a reminder that all of my “bad mornings” don’t have to result in a totally bad day. Now we have to decide on dinner…and then get home to Fur Son. Had I known dogs were allowed, I would have brought him on his first beach trip. Getting lost in the ocean is a whole different type of scary so I don’t know if I’m ready for that so soon after his stint in the pen…

Until next time, I’m going to keep being weird in hopes that more people join me lol. Just kidding. I’m a cool ass chick. ✌🏾

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Just an average silly, nerdy chick. That's weird in probably a million different ways, sharing my sometimes fucked up life with you. Showing others that they should enjoy life, because there's always someone in a worse situation.

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