Me Volví A Enamorar en Cozumel

I fell in love again in Cozumel…

Never thought I’d enter the last year of my 30s on a cruise. I vividly remember saying I don’t want to go on a cruise and end up like the people who boarded the Titanic. I know ignorance is bliss…

As an ode to my Roaring 30s, I opted to cruise for the first time with the one I love. And not just a first time cruise but also a cruise to a destination that neither of us had visited. I say all the time, I wish I’d met him sooner so that I could love him longer because this is how I have always wanted to feel. Happy, safe, at peace and engulfed in love.

The cruise was nothing short of amazing once we were able to get into our stateroom, take showers and change to begin our epic baecation. The night before we were upgraded to an ocean view room and I’m so glad we were. The view was amazing and much appreciated whenever we retreated to the room for a people break or nap.


This trip revealed a lot to me. And according to my 40 and older friends, this is the part of life that is truly enjoyable…if you allow it. It’s where we truly adopt the “idgaf” attitude about a lot in life. Color me crazy, but I think I’ve been preparing for my 40s all my life lol.

Unbothered by anything and everything…we gave that cruise all we had to offer. We relaxed. Moved at our own pace throughout the day. Appreciated room service and the 10 videos that played repeatedly on the music channel as we got dressed each day (all day). New Edition’s, “Still in Love” will never be heard the same by us lol.

From the moment we left the parking garage, tired from driving hours to the port, hot, sweaty and excited, I gave up all thoughts of having to be in control to react to any situation. I attempted to put my mind on DND for 5 days and I’m so glad I did. This wonderful man that was ever so gently placed in my life made sure that I was safe at all times.

But truly here I was on a boat with thousands of people…out in the middle of the ocean. Anyone who knows me knows this is out of my norm. Upon boarding even I began to question what the fuck I was actually doing and if I’d make it. I can laugh now but at that moment I consumed all the drugs I had on hand at once in hopes of crushing any and all anxiety that had begun to creep up inside me. I remember how my encounters with others usually go and was even more thankful we upgraded to the ocean view room for the moments when I’d need to reflect on yet another crazy decision I have haphazardly made.

Anytime we’re out and about it’s always a vibe. You have me who always attracts the strangest but nicest people. And then Baby Love who meets no stranger. So just imagine the people that we met…awesome couples/people, cute and respectful kids and heavy handed bartenders. We celebrated a young couples engagement, and shared advice for their many years of happiness together. We talked to an interracial couple about parenting today. Debates occurred often lol. There was one about the pool being empty or full. And also whether or not there were jumping fish in the ocean as we sat among the chill folks on the smoking deck lol. I was asked so many times how many drinks I had consumed but I was usually always not tripping and things were as they appeared lol. (Except for the 2 hours I kept saying the boat was moving and it wasn’t lmao)

Well I never made it to the front of the boat to reenact the scene from the Titanic when Kate was flying. (I warned you that I was weird and yes I linked the clip just in case you forgot the best scene from the entire movie). But the most epic part of our vacation was not even my actual birthday. The day before my birthday we docked in Cozumel. I tried to find the most unique excursion to do with my Baby Love. Mostly because it’s just my nature but also because from the time I realized I love this man, I wanted us to experience all the “firsts” imaginable together. Late starts don’t eliminate all firsts. And so that led us to walking on the bottom of the ocean floor!

If you’re ever in Cozumel, please visit Seatrek in Downtown Cozumel inside Jeanie’s Restaurant & Bar. The restaurant staff was amazing but the diving team at Seatrek were God’s gift to tourists. It’s an experience to remember and the best part is you don’t have to know how to swim. I’m telling you…!

I’ve never doubted the love I have for him. But every time I caught a glimpse of him I got warm and fuzzy like a teenage girl. 3 years doesn’t seem like a long time at all but it feels like I’ve loved this man far beyond this lifetime.