Moon Shit: Full Moon in Aries

Between a super long and rocky Mercury Retrograde and the supercharged New Moon in Libra lies the Full Moon in Aries.

It’s just in Aries nature to have to be the first at everything lol. I present to you the first full moon of the Fall season.

If you didn’t know, your Moon sign in your astrological chart is based on the position of the moon at your exact time of birth and it represents your inner world.

My sun sign is Aries. But I am also lucky enough to have Aries as my Moon sign as well. Well what does that mean Moon Girl? This means that I was born under a New Moon, committed to making my mark on the world. (If you know me, you know me. It’s called Magic!)

Often referred to as the Hunter’s Moon, Blood Moon or Sanguine Moon; the Full Moon in Aries is the time to let go of your need to be in control. This full moon is about finding peace within ourselves even if we have to fight for it, as we enter what most describe as the most depressing time of the year.

Hold on to your seat…this full moon is not for the faint of heart, as us Aries are quite spicy! So expect intense emotions to surface. Let go of any resentment, frustration or anger during this full moon. It will allow you to clear what no longer serves you and prepare you for what’s to come during the New Moon.

Remember what you put out into the world is what you receive in return. So spread love, peace and happiness. 💛💛💛


Use this time and energy to step into your power and speak your truth.Try one or two…see how they work for you

1. Relax your mind: If your brain is fixated on things that are out of your control, distractions can be healthy and helpful. Try the app Insight Timer which will help you de-stress and meditate. Remember there is a big misconception that meditation is sitting in complete silence. Meditation is actually doing something that brings you peace and happiness. Take a walk or go for a run, play a game, read a book, paint, dance, listen to music, take a drive, clean etc.

2. Revolutionize your world: Even though life has its hardships, there is a reason that your soul has chosen its path. Connect to your spiritual side and find your sense of purpose.

3. Burn off stress: Find a healthy outlet for release instead of being angry and anxious. Steer clear of triggering people.

4. Ask and you shall receive: Don’t wait for things that you want to happen, make them happen. (Step into your power!) What’s the worst that could happen? The answer is either yes or no. No losses here. Don’t be led by fear…YOU ARE AMAZING & DESERVING!

5. Trust your intuition: Trust your gut. You know that uneasy feeling you get in your stomach. Or the unexplainable “not good” feeling that you get before doing something or going somewhere. This is your intuition trying to guide you in your decision making. Recall the intentions you set during the New Moon in Aries in April. Revisit them and see how they have manifested. If you need to adjust your goals and plans, do so. And use your intuition to lead you in the right direction.

Marvel Comics: Moon Girl