Moon Shit: Elf on the Shelf Edition

In light of last nights Full Moon, I opted to do a little moon staging with Jaxon today. My kids and I love learning about the moon, stars and space. So they will be pleased to see Jaxon mounted on the fridge with a crescent moon. They both live in the refrigerator so let’s see who notices him first. I really hated using my aluminum foil on his but oh well!

Happy Full Moon in Gemini-

This is the final full moon of the year. And boy has it been a year! But all the things that you have been working towards and setting your intentions on can start to manifest during the two-week portal of the full moon in Gemini.

This particular time can feel life-changing, giving a burst of progressive energy needed to set the stage for positive growth in 2022. So take this time to create a reality where you feel valued, stable, and grounded. Use this full moon energy to speak your truth in order to move towards better opportunities for your future.

Moon Shit: Full Moon in Aries

Between a super long and rocky Mercury Retrograde and the supercharged New Moon in Libra lies the Full Moon in Aries.

It’s just in Aries nature to have to be the first at everything lol. I present to you the first full moon of the Fall season.

If you didn’t know, your Moon sign in your astrological chart is based on the position of the moon at your exact time of birth and it represents your inner world.

My sun sign is Aries. But I am also lucky enough to have Aries as my Moon sign as well. Well what does that mean Moon Girl? This means that I was born under a New Moon, committed to making my mark on the world. (If you know me, you know me. It’s called Magic!)

Often referred to as the Hunter’s Moon, Blood Moon or Sanguine Moon; the Full Moon in Aries is the time to let go of your need to be in control. This full moon is about finding peace within ourselves even if we have to fight for it, as we enter what most describe as the most depressing time of the year.

Hold on to your seat…this full moon is not for the faint of heart, as us Aries are quite spicy! So expect intense emotions to surface. Let go of any resentment, frustration or anger during this full moon. It will allow you to clear what no longer serves you and prepare you for what’s to come during the New Moon.

Remember what you put out into the world is what you receive in return. So spread love, peace and happiness. 💛💛💛


Use this time and energy to step into your power and speak your truth.Try one or two…see how they work for you

1. Relax your mind: If your brain is fixated on things that are out of your control, distractions can be healthy and helpful. Try the app Insight Timer which will help you de-stress and meditate. Remember there is a big misconception that meditation is sitting in complete silence. Meditation is actually doing something that brings you peace and happiness. Take a walk or go for a run, play a game, read a book, paint, dance, listen to music, take a drive, clean etc.

2. Revolutionize your world: Even though life has its hardships, there is a reason that your soul has chosen its path. Connect to your spiritual side and find your sense of purpose.

3. Burn off stress: Find a healthy outlet for release instead of being angry and anxious. Steer clear of triggering people.

4. Ask and you shall receive: Don’t wait for things that you want to happen, make them happen. (Step into your power!) What’s the worst that could happen? The answer is either yes or no. No losses here. Don’t be led by fear…YOU ARE AMAZING & DESERVING!

5. Trust your intuition: Trust your gut. You know that uneasy feeling you get in your stomach. Or the unexplainable “not good” feeling that you get before doing something or going somewhere. This is your intuition trying to guide you in your decision making. Recall the intentions you set during the New Moon in Aries in April. Revisit them and see how they have manifested. If you need to adjust your goals and plans, do so. And use your intuition to lead you in the right direction.

Marvel Comics: Moon Girl

New Moon Shit: Balance, Compromise and Harmony

New Moon in Libra: October 6, 2021

Yep, it’s that time again…New Moon Shit is upon us. Happy New Moon in Libra!!!

It’s time for a fall reset if you’re up for it. So be open to the wonderful world of possibilities. Now is the time to make plans for your future and focus on healthy communication with others.

Did you know this is the last New Moon where we have six planets (Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury) in retrograde???


October is a pretty busy month and this New Moon is a definite reflection of such. There are many positive energies to work with and enjoy during this time. Try to use this New Moon energy to maintain harmony. Direct your energy into things that are positive, constructive and productive. Let’s not manifest negativity. There’s definitely enough of that in the world today!

Take some time to yourself to just reflect, practice gratitude and look back over the time period between October 2020 and April 2021. What has been removed and what have you have rebirth since this period of time? How have you transformed?

Spread peace, love and harmony…

Moon Shit: Full Moon in Pisces

Moon Shit fresh off the press as we enter the Full Moon in Pisces today! Be prepared to be in your feelings during this full moon cycle. After all it is your emotions that’s creating your reality. Observe your feelings but don’t let them overtake you. Use your observations to choose what stays and what needs to go in order to embody the most authentic version of yourself.

Full Moons are a good time to put an end to unhealthy habits or lifestyle choices. Use this energy to your advantage by trusting your intuition because it will never steer you wrong. Use it to navigate through any challenging obstacles that present itself.


Did you know the Moon represents our emotions and it’s linked to how we are feeling?

Think back to the New Moon in Pisces from March…today’s Full Moon in Pisces is closely related to that New Moon. You could say that the Pisces New Moon back in March was the beginning of the story that has now reached its peak.

Are you able to create any links between what was unfolding in your life during March and now?

Overall just remember to give yourself some grace —you are closer than you think to achieving whatever it is that you so desire. Tap into your emotional side and be present!

Full Moon: Strawberry Moon. Last Super Moon of 2021! Get your manifestation on loves!!!


Blowing Rock, North Carolina

Mercury in Retrograde…I hate that I remember it’s return. It’s honestly not a bad time but I just dread it because everything slows down to snail pace and my impatient ass just can’t handle it.

What is Mercury Retrograde? Well…this tri-annual event occurs when Mercury speeds Lightning McQueen fast around the Earth. So fast that it appears it’s moving backwards. Pretty cool…

How does Mercury Retrograde affect us? Well all depending on which planet is in retrograde it could affect the way communication, electronic devices, finances, relationships, decision making, etc. I think it’s pretty neat. But I’m a nerd so…

However, with the way my life has been as of late, I welcome Mercury in Retrograde. I’ve been trying to learn my new self and it’s been a little tough. So I welcome this pause.

To start this Retrograde, I felt I needed to get grounded and be in nature. The beach was the kids and I first choice but it was raining the whole day, so we made our way to the mountains! They packed snacks and toys and were ready to go.

We started off our trip with gem mining. I wanted some new crystals anyways so why not mine…it’ll be fun right??? The kids enjoyed it. Doc’s Gem Mine was quite pleasant. The kids were more into than I thought they would be. I had a moment with my daughter and explained worry stones to her. She ended up picking a couple and we discussed her using them when she feels anxious or overwhelmed. This was cool.

We made our way to a couple other gem mines, stopped at Tweetsie’s Railroad and Mystery Hill but decided we’d do them another time. The Blowing Rock was calling our name. Well maybe more mine than theirs but I made it fun for them too lol.

We find a park in the right little parking lot and walk to the entrance. There’s a line. We are of the few people wearing a mask. Smh. Lift a ban and the people go mad.


Ok I’m off my soapbox…

We get our tickets, hiked the wrong way several times, laughed, rested and raced. I’d like to think we each conquered some type of fear either on the way up or down the trail. We took pictures for couples and families. We had someone take pictures of us. We helped an elderly lady down the stairs of the trail and walked with her to the end to meet her daughter. We had a conversation with a random stranger about conquering your fears. I almost touched a snake and yelled in the gift shop lol. My kids laughed hysterically at me. The wind almost blew me off a boulder that I shouldn’t have been on and I briefly experienced my soul leaving my body. I just knew I was toppling over the side of the mountain…but in actuality I was ok. I quickly hopped off the boulder and ceased all Dora the Explorer like adventures for the day. I think that may have left a mark on the kids brain for quite a while. And now that I think about it, I was pretty calm to be thinking I was falling to my death.

After hiking up, down and around…we were hungry. Maybe borderline hangry because we were starting to fuss with one another lol. Only me and my kids. We head to Chili’s…the oldest one commences to speak about my new lifestyle change of becoming Vegetarian. It tickles her fancy these days to tell people or say that her Mom doesn’t eat meat lol. She’s so silly.

After we ate we were pooped and ready to rest.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first day of Mercury in Retrograde!

Today I really learned to go with the flow…to pause and just live in the moment. Often times I’m in hurry up and go mode. And today I was able to see and enjoy all things when I take a moment to slow down and go with the flow.

I made no plans. I woke up and let the day flow. I drove for 4.5 hours to go somewhere I felt like I needed to be in this moment.

I think to myself…”If only this could be everyday”. And it soon shall be…I believe it with all my mind, body and soul.

Happy Retrograde…roll with it…don’t let it roll you 😌