Canine Love

Simba Leon

Yes. His middle name is Leon.

Growing up, I had a plethora of pets. I was a complete tomboy. Outside was my favorite place to be. We had cats, we had dogs, I collected turtles and firefly’s.

I owned a cat, Cookie. He was killed. A stupid ass neighbor gave my baby antifreeze. He died in the front of the house in the yard.

I had several fish…they were different. Fish are the least bit therapeutic. Like I just was not a fan. That tank was a barrier for me.

Miley came along temporarily. We fell in love. Miley was the smallest dog I ever had. At the time I thought she was the craziest. Tiny chuihuahah stuck in the body of a pit bull. She barked at everything and everyone. She hated her crate. I thought my daughter was going to kill her. She would heave her down the stairs while they were playing. She’d hold her toy in mid air while she was hanging from it. Was this normal? Hell was it ok? My daughter was 4 or 5. I thought a pet for an only child was a great idea. Miley was spoiled rotten. And then she got to go back home. That ended quick.

There was a void. And now my daughter had the pleasure of having a pet and that’s all she talked about. Mommie I want doggie! The deal was when we moved out of our townhouse into a house with a fenced in yard, then we’d get another dog. I didn’t want another small dog. I wanted some reinforcement. Growing up I never had small dogs anyways. A Boxer, Pit Bull, German Shepherd, Collie(??)…my folks just got dogs, I don’t think they truly cared about the breed. Shit, I’m not sure why we had dogs, they stayed in fences…I would just go inside the fenced pen and play with them.

I found a house, it had a fence…the kids (now 2 kids) asked “Mommie so now that we have a house with a fence can we get a dog? Sure, I have to find one.

It took a year. My coworker dog was having puppies. She begged me to take one. Kept talking about how the kids would love it. Blah, blah, blah…she had 7 or 8 puppies she needed to get rid of lol.

She sent pictures of the puppies when they were born. Simba caught my eye. They had already named them. He was the calmest out of the bunch. He was the one that didn’t really sleep as a puppy. Christmas Eve 2017, we made up an adoption certificate. We had a ceremony. I took the kids to her house and she had bathed Simba and put a bow on him. He was their Christmas present. I had already been around Simba when I’d go with her on lunch to take the pups out to use the bathroom and to feed them. I had picked Simba out before she sold the others.

Simba…my handsome gentle giant… I need you more than you know…

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