I didn’t get any sleep.

I legit was worried that my Fur Son was out in the world, cold, alone and afraid. He’s a big one, but he is just a baby.

I had folks looking under the house for him and riding the neighborhood. He was nowhere to be found. Night had caught us. I definitely wasn’t going to get any sleep. I rode through the neighborhoods closest to ours just to see if he had gotten too far from home and just couldn’t find his way back. He is a very smart boy. And above all else, he knows that Mommie is never going to leave him hanging. Hell I ended vacation a day early because he got away from the dog sitter.

I think he is acting out because he is ready to become a man…Sow his royal oats you know…but I cannot let him do that. He’s just a baby. My baby. And sowing his oats has consequences. Consequences that apparently he is not ready for since he runs off like the toddler he is. He will not leave me to care for his litter of kids and pay pup support…

Well, someone called the man and had him picked and booked him for Attempted B&E. He did a night in county. I woke up calling around the local shelters to see if he was there. I think I may have found him when the lady placed me on hold. I was given a website to verify his identity, he was missing his ID and rabies tag. He was a damn Dog Doe in lockup! I’m scrolling and low and behold, I see his little caramel face on my computer screen. I could breathe again. Now I had to get dressed to go bail him out.

Thankfully he hadn’t been in any trouble with the law in the past so they gave us a break. He was released with 6 months probation, has to wear a neck monitor and has mandated supervised yard time until the invisible fence is installed. After that he will perform 100 hours of community service by picking up sticks and trash around the property.

I’m disappointed in him. Out of all my children I didn’t think he’d be the first to have a record. Now who’s going to hire him as a service dog. He’s a canine felon…

DOPUS # 49313505

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