Moon Shit: Elf on the Shelf Edition

In light of last nights Full Moon, I opted to do a little moon staging with Jaxon today. My kids and I love learning about the moon, stars and space. So they will be pleased to see Jaxon mounted on the fridge with a crescent moon. They both live in the refrigerator so let’s see who notices him first. I really hated using my aluminum foil on his but oh well!

Happy Full Moon in Gemini-

This is the final full moon of the year. And boy has it been a year! But all the things that you have been working towards and setting your intentions on can start to manifest during the two-week portal of the full moon in Gemini.

This particular time can feel life-changing, giving a burst of progressive energy needed to set the stage for positive growth in 2022. So take this time to create a reality where you feel valued, stable, and grounded. Use this full moon energy to speak your truth in order to move towards better opportunities for your future.