At Your Own Pace

A lot of times people feel compelled to “keep up with the Jones’s” or to “keep up appearances” instead of living in their truth. I’m here to tell you, that dream house, car, job and relationship will all be there when you are ready and when it is your time.

Don’t create unnecessary stress in your life by trying to keep up with others. Most of the time, those same people who appear to have it all together are not living in their truth and struggling in the shadows.

Nowadays people’s perception of life and living comes solely from what they see on social media. But always remember that all that glitters ain’t gold.

Do you and do it at your own pace. Don’t worry about what others may think because what you eat, doesn’t make anyone else shit! Create your own happiness however you see fit. And leave all the other bullshit behind.

I’m human just like everyone else. I’ve had people that I thought were true friends shit on me because of a competition that they created in their mind. I’ve tried to build with people I thought were true only to be stabbed in the back and to have the rug pulled from under me. I’ve had so called friends sit and talk about me and what I have or the lack thereof. Sometimes those same people would turn around and mimic those very situations they felt the urge to speak on or attempt to purchase or do those very same things that I had that was “dumb, unnecessary or a waste of money” followed by an unrequested excuse as to why it’s a good idea now that they have it or did it.

I got married early. I had kids late. I didn’t take the traditional route of college. I had good credit, I’ve had bad credit. I’ve had a lot and I’ve lost a lot. I bought my own home in my 30s without the help of anyone. I found myself and loved me and my children enough to divorce in my 30s. I buried both my parents and I disowned family and friends due to mistreatment, deception, and disloyalty. I’m not perfect by any means but I’d say I’m a pretty solid chick and I will continue to be such by living life and doing things when and how I want. Not worrying about who else is doing it, who is watching and the thoughts of others.

We are all here on borrowed time. The worse thing anyone can do is to get in a rat race with anyone who isn’t destined to even meet you or beat you to the finish line. Chart your own path and be happy with the outcome.