Happy National Orgasm Day!!!

This post contains sexual content. View at your own risk…

As a lover of all things intimacy and sex celebrate today!

I have been on the hunt for this toy and I finally got it!

I read all of the reviews. I tried to buy it when I was in Miami only to find out that it was sold out. It was sold out everywhere I looked online…one day I found it.

What better day to give this popular toy a proper review?

Before I do, I’d like to provide you with a few FACTS:

  • 7 out of 10 women can climax as many as 20 times in a single session (Can you count while in the moment?)
  • You cannot think straight when you orgasm. (Ladies/Gentlemen do not answer any questions during this time…LOL)
  • Female orgasms can dull pain; this is in part becuase endorphins and oxytocin are released when you orgasms
  • Almost 60% of women ejaculate when they orgasm. (This is often referred to as squirting)
  • Women in same-sex relationships are more likely to orgasm than women who sleep with men (I cannot provide a comment on this)

So here goes…

Let me start by saying that I think it is well worth the money. I wasn’t even aware that it was a dual toy. It has possibly taken the place of my trusted wand…

There is no shame in my game that I have quite the collection. From bluetooth toys to straight up rope. If it’s sex, I got it. Once upon a time, I was going to be a certified sex therapist. I was so tired of people being uptight about the most amazing experience eveeeeeeeerr known to man. It’s how your kids get here. Shit it is how you got here…why are you afraid to explore? Your Mom probably had the meanest arch while getting her back blown out! (I am definitely about a bottle of Hennesy into this blog post and so into early self-care Sunday)

Well. If you don’t have one ladies…I suggest that you put this one on your wish list. It is a pretty amazing substitute for the obvious and gets the job done quite well.

Let’s first talk about the artificial tongue. It comes with a silicone ridged sleeve that makes the “licking” sensation more realistic. (Good job guys). Now it does not compare to that of a very experienced partner but it does the trick. There are 7 tongue motion patterns although I don’t think I made it past number 3 πŸ‘€

Next up is the suction…this could use a little work in my opinion. This beauty comes with 2 pleasure attachments. One round and one oval. I’m assuming the suction attachments are to be used depending upon the size and shape of your “magic triangle”. I personally would like more customization here. This is a major part of the toy. Who makes these toys? They need a product tester like myself before they throw these things on the shelf or online. All in all the suction is hit or miss depending on what you like. I turned the suction off. It was just putting a bend in the experience. This would be my only negative to the toy…

There are about 7 vibration settings on the G-Spot stimulator. I was so focused on the suction and tongue that I missed this feature. The silicone handle has it own motor..and it is the G-spot stimulator…

The battery life so far is proving to be good. It comes with a magnetic USB charger. It is rechargeable and I’ve not yet been able to determine the true life of the battery. Not sure that I will get the chance…

I have no more energy. It’s late and I will have to review the G-Spot stimulator end later.

As of right now all I can say is “Goodnight“. If I could cook this bitch breakfast in the morning I would but it can’t eat so…

Pleasure yourself or someone else today. Give a little head or get a little head. It’s National Orgasm Day. I hope you enjoy it! I did 😁

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