Blackout Wednesday

Please Drink Responsibly

Often referred as Drinksgiving…this day takes place the night before Thanksgiving Day. While many people are at home cooking and preparing the bird for the big day, others are partaking in the biggest drinking and party night of the year.

College students are home on break and reuniting with friends that they haven’t seen in a while at bars and clubs. Most bars are aware of the “quirky holiday” and have drink specials to celebrate the occasion.

A sad repercussion of the day is that a lot of think binge drinking and celebrating results in drinking and driving. This in turn produces accidents and fatalities. If you or someone you love is planning to celebrate this day, please encourage them to drink responsibly, use a ride share/Uber/Lyft service or have a designated driver. It a wonderful thing to reunite with friends, but be safe so that the day can be enjoyed again next year.

National Unfriend Day

If you’ve been meaning to clean up your social media friend’s list, I hope you took advantage of the day!

Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, National Unfriend Day exists. The thought behind today is to unfriend those folks in your massive friends list on Facebook that you don’t really effin know and that aren’t really your friend. Let’s preserve the meaning of “FRIEND“!

If their absence brings you peace…you didn’t lose them

Jim Carrey

CNN has gone the extra mile and even outlined criteria that you should consider when unfriending someone. It’s my personal opinion that you set your own boundaries and ask yourself a few questions before hitting that unfriend button.

  • Do you really know them? You don’t engage strangers so why would you share pictures of your children and where you are located to a total stranger (Stranger Danger)
  • If you saw them in public, you wouldn’t speak? There’s simply nothing more to add here.
  • Do their posts are annoy you to the point that you hide them from your feed? The point of social media is to connect and converse right? So think about it, why are you friends?
  • Do you really like them? Now following people you don’t like says a lot about you as a person.

Once upon a time I use to be a Facebooker, even and Instagramer. But I gave that up when my “friends list” was more people I didn’t talk to, didn’t care to talk to or didn’t care to know. And I saw more drama in black and white than I could ever see on television. I deleted my accounts because I didn’t have the energy to partake in a day like today where you go through a list of 500+ people just to delete those that you don’t know. And let’s not forget the energy surrounding social media today is just NEGATIVE. There’s such a divide with race, vaccination status, politics, religion and so much more. I live to laugh, not argue or debate. I’m not a lawyer!

Protect your peace. There is so much more to life than posting all of it on social media all the time.

National Matchmaker Day!

It’s March 23rd…and I get a text from a random number with a little dog waving gif…

I remember saying to my phone screen, “heeeey, whoever you are…” and closing the text message. Random texts were a norm…number not saved? Just delete the message and block the number. That was routine. I deviated from the routine…not sure why or how…

I never thought the man behind this cheesy message would become the love of my life because I allowed my Best Friend to play matchmaker. She seems to think she’s good at it…so today I celebrate her lol. Thanks Best Friend for re-introducing me to the love of my life…

Today honor the matchmakers who bring lovers together and share your matchmaker story if you have one! If you have the time or you’ve gone through your list of Netflix movies/shows, watch a matchmaker film such as Hitch, Sleepless in Seattle, Fiddler on the Roof, Clueless, Brimming with Love, or Hello, Dolly!

National Beach Day

Exactly where does beach sand come from??? 🤔🤔🤔

If you follow my blog, you know the beach is one of my most favorite places to be!

If you are able bodied and available; GO TO THE BEACH!!! And let me be mindful of those who don’t live close to a beach…I didn’t forget you. You all can also visit a lake, pond or a river. Any body of water. Go out for a swim, sit or lay in the sand and appreciate all that life has to offer. Take pictures, have a picnic or build a sandcastle.

Now relaxing at the beach is always a bonus in my book. But the day isn’t just meant to celebrate the beach. It is also a day to place emphasis on keeping this beautiful area clean. Every day many animals in the ocean are killed by cans, fishing line, oil spills, plastic and other trash. So after relaxing at the beach or before you begin to relax take a moment and clean up any garbage that you may see. Don’t worry about what others may think or say. This isn’t about them. It is all about keeping this peaceful area clean and the animals safe.

Pack a bag, scoop up a friend, grab your earbuds, and go enjoy National Beach Day!!!