Happy Thanksgiving

Drawing courtesy of my talented daughter

I made myself head into the kitchen to begin cooking. I think to myself, this year is at least better than last year. Last year I spent the day before, day of and day after Thanksgiving alone. I think I mostly laid around crying. My head hurt majority of the day. I was dog sitting for my best friend and just in a real fucked up mood. I was alone, me and my very best friend was going through one of those moments and I just wanted things to be normal.

I’m starting to think that last year was just a dry run for what was to come this year. The only difference is that at least this year I had my babies at home. I managed to get in the spirit for a little bit before all the thoughts flooded my mind and I just began to overthink and then cry. I legit just wanted to get in bed and go to sleep until the new year at least.

Although it was extremely hard at one point in the day, I made it. And hopefully next year will be a little easier. I’m trying to learn how to navigate these holidays and special events by trial and error. The only things that really got me through were the kids, my seester, my bestie, my silly brother and being able to talk to my Baby Love.

As I prepare for slumber, I hope everyone had a day filled with gratitude and love. That is really what the day is all about.