Setting Boundaries

Walls keep everybody out. Boundaries teach people where the door is.

-Mark Groves

Setting boundaries does not make you a mean person. It’s quite the opposite actually. Boundaries need to be established as a way to communicate what is and isn’t ok. Boundaries not only protect ones physical space, but also their body, feelings and energy. We all have limits and boundaries so communicate them with those close to you.

We set boundaries everyday with personal space, sexuality, emotions, thoughts, things and possessions, time and energy, culture, religion and ethics.

Boundaries protect our relationships from becoming unhealthy and unsafe. In that way, they actually bring us closer
together rather than push us farther apart. Having healthy boundaries allows you to make yourself a priority whether that’s in self-care, career, or in relationships.

Take a moment and discover where you need to set boundaries. Anything that is affecting your mental or emotional health needs a proper boundary. Be it a friend using you as a therapist but never has a moment to listen to you, a family member using you like a bank when they need money, someone who invades your space and shows up without calling, or someone who gets upset at you about not agreeing with their point of view.

I’ve learned to establish boundaries in all facets of life. Even my IG feed has boundaries. I unfollow anyone who isn’t in a healthy space with what they are sharing. Be it over emphasizing their point of view of politics, degrading memes, angry vent sessions or racist memes. Any of it isn’t allowed in my feed because my mental health and state comes above all else.

I have a personal boundary with family members. Not because I don’t care but because at some point I felt as though they didn’t mean me well. I have to be the best version of me. And I can’t allow others to dictate how my energy will be.

I suggest taking a moment and evaluating your life. Any situation or person can have a boundary. Create a boundary for things you need a buffer for, don’t feel bad about it and move on. No one controls your peace but you. Boundaries can always be adjusted, created or removed. Maintain your peace above all else.

Live in love and light and not chaos and darkness… ✌🏾❤️💫

Getting Grounded

Today I woke up feeling the best I’ve felt in a while. Trying to stay committed to this SOCANOMICS May challenge to get me back to a place where I feel functional.

I woke before my alarm and immediately checked my phone for my Good Morning text. It was there and all was well with the world today. He said Good Morning and told me he was feeling great and asked how I felt. I felt good today. Those days don’t happen often enough.

I get myself ready for Morning Meditation and Journaling. I wanted to meditate outside on the deck but I didn’t want to put on clothes. So I retreated to my office to meditate. Got my laptop and headed to my workspace. Lit my candle and sat down on my floor pillow to wait for Ms. PJae to start meditation. I saw Ms. Gloria & Susan join and I realized I don’t know these women but every morning we start our day together. And we attempt to spread the positivity from our meditation to everyone we encounter all day.

I knew I had my VA disability rating appointment. I was anxious because I didn’t know what to expect. I don’t like not knowing. I like to be prepared.

I completed my workout for the morning. Made me a cup of tea and tried out my honey straws. (They were pretty neat if I must say so.) I sat in on a new hire training for work. Then I realized I needed to get dressed and leave for my appointment.

I get in my car get my music together because I have an hour and a half ride to this appointment. Really DVA?? Ugh ok. I make my way.

When the therapist greets me she tells me what the appointment is for and what she will be doing. My heart dropped in my stomach and fell out of my ass.

I did not want to revisit my MST. I was raped not once but twice when I was in the military. The shit was terrible. It’s the reason why I don’t trust people in general. It’s why I am overly cautious about my daughter and who she is around. It made me move very differently in life. This was dumb. Why was I having to do this. I couldn’t reschedule or I’d risk not getting another appointment for a while or not getting my increase.

I struggled through all of her questions. My mask was drenched with snot from crying. My face was swollen, my eyes were red and I could not stop crying. And I wasn’t just crying. I was sobbing. Like loud. Making very apparent audible noises like I was struggling to breathe at times. This shit hurt. I hated talking about it. I try so hard to forget that entire part of my life. Yet here we were. Peeling the scab off of my rape wound.

Concerned for my safety because I just could not get myself together the Doctor asks me to sit a moment and not drive while I was crying. I paused for a moment and told her I was ok. I definitely was not. My legs felt like noodles, my heart was racing, I now had a headache from crying and my face was just sore.

I googled the nearest beach. Yes I have to work this evening but I am not going to make it anywhere like this. I had to release all of this shit so that I could go back to the mediocre shit I was encountering.

I drive a little ways on base to the beach. I usually avoid military bases for obvious reasons. Men in uniform. The military period. It makes my skin crawl. It’s the Good Boys Club. They protect their own. And by any means necessary. I hate it.

But I love the beach….

I dig my feet deep into the sand and I just stand. I breathe. Rooted where I find the most peace and not caring what anyone else on the beach thinks about me at the moment. Listening to the waves hit the shore. And I hear a voice…

“You gotta do something different.” I hear you tiny voice. I’m trying. I’m trying my hardest here…

“I’m Ok”

It’s my response when I start grief counseling and I’m asked “How are you doing?” Go outside they say. Get some fresh air. It will do you good, help your mood. Pick up a new hobby. Spend time with your kids. You will need family and friends to get through this process. They say these things but real life, who does this? Or has successfully done this? We need to talk!

So you don’t think pre-grief that I didn’t do all those things. Do you think once you lose someone so close to you that you just roll over and pick up where you left off after they’re slowly descended into the ground forever?

Before my Mom passed away, I had a routine. A morning ritual. I called to check on her and talk to her. Tuesdays was my best day of the work week every week. Now I struggle to get out of bed. Most days I work directly from between the sheets. I don’t want to get up or get dressed. I don’t turn on my camera for meetings and I really don’t feel like speaking. That’s pretty hard for an IT person. But we are weird anyway so 🤷🏾‍♀️… I barely eat. I think my body is use to it so we may have to revert back to scheduled meals again. I’m tired from doing nothing. I’m mentally drained. I’m emotionally out of control and physically I mostly feel like shit but I say I’m ok with a smile.

I am my Mother’s child and this is why not having her is so hard for me. Sometimes thoughts runs through my head and I just want someone to talk to. Just to distract me and make me laugh or talk about something other than what has me consumed in thought and/or down. But generally everyone is busy throughout the course of the day. And so am I but I’m struggling in a major way. My Mom use to be that one person that would answer me and talk about nothing for hours. She would ask what was wrong and when I didn’t respond she knew it was deep enough that she would say something immediately to make me laugh. Like saying hold on I have to fart. Smh. She had no filter. And she always answered my call. She could be sleep and if I called she answered and she wouldn’t let me hang up. She’d talk to me because she sensed that I just needed someone. She knew and understood me. She was the truest friend you could ever have. Losing her was the worse thing to happen to me in this lifetime. I don’t ever want my children to endure this kind of heartache and pain.

So at a time like this, I’m grateful that I have learned to navigate and cope on my own. Whether the coping be healthy or unhealthy. I have to maintain my sanity at this point. So when you see me talking to myself. No I’m not crazy. I got tired of waiting for other people to talk to. And don’t read this and say well call them. Have you ever joined a chat for help and you were ‘next in queue’ for hours? That’s my life. Always waiting for someone to get back with me, make time for me or remember some shit they volunteered to do for me.

“Wait”…”Give me a minute” (the minute is still ticking I believe)…. “I will check on you later” (3 years from now)…”I forgot, I’m sorry”…Don’t even worry about it…I will figure it out.

So navigating life as a Motherless (and Fatherless) Adult Child, Week 3 Life Lesson that I remembered from my many conversations with Mom:

Don’t depend on man because he will fail you everytime.

-T. L. Moore
Drowning in sorrow, heartache and pain and I’m the only one that can save me.

Where Do I Go From Here?

Where Do I Go From Here?

People often times struggle with what to say to someone when they lose a loved one. I know because I’ve done it. You’re asked how are you out of concern and knowing that you’re hurting. But there’s also the thought that nothing said will make it better.

When I’m asked “how are you?”, I fight back tears. That little 3 word question releases so many memories at once that I’m mentally and emotionally overwhelmed. I normally will look away or at the ground to try and stop the tears. Sometimes it works most of the time it doesn’t.

Just know, it’s not your fault and I understand that you’re really only concerned and at a lost for words. There’s nothing to stop or dull this pain. Just know I’m not ok. And I’m told that it’s ok to not be ok.

I thank everyone for all for the kind words, phone calls, text messages, food, prayers and love. This has been very hard and I’m sure this is only the beginning. I’m praying for peace and comfort, healing of not only the hearts of my brother and I , but also the hearts of all of my family. ❤️

Just Breathe

This ancient Sanskrit symbol positioned between my breasts and above my diaphragm is a beautiful reminder to do what comes naturally. It’s the first thing we do when we enter the world, and the last thing we do when we leave it.

Breathe Queen you’re going to be okay.

Breathe and remember that you’ve been in this place before.

Breathe and know you’ve been this uncomfortable, anxious and scared yet you survived.

Breathe and understand you can survive this too.

These feelings that you are having cannot break you. They are painful and sometimes debilitating, but you can sit with them and eventually they will pass. Have faith in your resilience.

It may feel unbearable at this moment but keep BREATHING.

This too shall pass…BREATHE.